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Congrats Ole Miss! Snoop Dogg is coming to your campus.


Tilt makes it easy and free for groups to collect money—whatever you raise is what you keep. It’s perfect for parties, group funds, apparel and everything in between. Since no one gets charged unless the target ("tilt") amount is reached, you can pool money without any risk.

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Tailgates, Social Budgets, Mixers, Formals

Funds@2x e88c0b3fdd9c4423c91e87376d86f30becf6e30fa55ebb38a77de9608e715168

Group Funds

Dues, Vacation Houses, Gifts, Philanthropy

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Rush Tanks, Game Day Tees, Koozies, etc

The Leaderboard

It was a close race, but Ole Miss took it with consistent week over week tilts.

1. University of Mississippi 127742 pts

2. University of Texas at Austin 122230 pts

3. Texas Tech University 120940 pts

4. University of Arizona 117940 pts

5. Arizona State University 109980 pts

6. Virginia Tech 109890 pts

7. Louisiana State University 106298 pts

8. Texas Christian University 97982 pts

9. University of Connecticut 96774 pts

10. University of Georgia 96308 pts

11. Bowling Green State University 92662 pts

12. University of Alabama 90234 pts

13. San Diego State University 88132 pts

14. Miami University - Ohio 87530 pts

15. Northwestern University 79480 pts

16. Northeastern University 78920 pts

17. Duke University 67260 pts

18. University of Maryland 60170 pts

19. University of Southern California 58280 pts

20. University of Florida 47800 pts

21. Wake Forest University 43420 pts

22. University of Pennsylvania 40620 pts

23. University of California at Berkeley 38890 pts

24. Lehigh University 36670 pts

25. Texas A&M University 30800 pts

26. Georgia Southern University 28910 pts

27. Johns Hopkins University 25530 pts

28. University of Virginia 24840 pts

29. University of New Hampshire 17330 pts

30. West Virginia University 17080 pts

Tilt for Snoop FAQ

What is Tilt?

Tilt is a group-funding platform that allows users to pool money simply and socially online for a collective goal. As the world's largest funding platform, we help people collect money for anything from bid day parties to political campaigns. We are based in sunny/foggy San Francisco, CA. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at tiltforsnoop at tilt dot com.

How much does it cost to use Tilt?

Tilt is FREE for all organizers who want to collect money with their groups, and FREE for all contributors using their debit card for payments. (Did we mention it’s FREE?) A standard 3% processing fee applies for credit cards.

Why are Tilt and Snoop Dogg partnering for a concert?

Snoop is a big fan of the Tilt -- he’s already sold three different t-shirts on the site and now wants to bring his dj-ing talents to your school!

How will the winning school be determined?

The college accumulating the most points by December 31st, 2014 will host The Doggfather himself for a private DJ set. Each school will earn points by:

  • Each Tilt app download = 10 points
  • Each individual contributor = 20 points
  • Each successful Tilt = 50 points

How will I be able to track how well my school is doing?

To display real-time results, we have set up a dynamic leaderboard that displays the results in terms of points accumulated by each school. To be eligible for the leaderboard and included in the display, each school must have at least 100 contributors from their campus.

Who is eligible?

Students at any qualified college that is based in one of the 50 states are welcome to enter.

Where and when will the party be held?

The party will be held at a venue to be determined after the winning school is selected. (We’re not psychics!) The concert will be held before the close of the current school year ending June 2015.

Who will be able to attend the concert?

Any active Tilt organizers or contributors on the winning campus will be able to attend the concert for free. If there are remaining spots for the concert beyond the Tilt userbase, other students at the winning campus will be able to purchase tickets via Tilt.

Is there any fine print?

Of course! Read the rules and regs here.

More questions?

Send ‘em to tiltforsnoop at tilt dot com