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6 More Reasons Why You Will Love Tilt

Zero Risk
Nobody's cards are charged if you fall short of your goal.
Save Time
Start collecting in seconds. Contribute in two clicks. We deposit funds overnight.
Raise More
On average, organizers raise 192% of their goal.
Collect for FREE
Collecting money is free. Everything else is 2.5%.
See Who's In
Easy to access guest list of everyone who's committed.
Safe & Secure
Tilt has industry grade security (PCI Compliance Level 1).

Tilt is the World's #1 Free Crowdfunding Site.

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    Describe your goal, upload a picture, and collect your first contribution in seconds!

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    Set the Goal

    Set your minimum goal ("tilt") – nobody's card will be charged until you reach it. You can also add a target to shoot for more.

  3. 3

    Our built-in sharing tools help you collect more money, faster. There's zero risk to your supporters, since they'll only be charged if you tilt.

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    Once everyone has paid their share, you can get the funds in one business day!

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    Raise Even More

    Continue collecting money past the goal until your campaign ends. The average tilt raises 192% of its goal!

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